Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse


You can brisk walk or jog around the circle of the Sundance Pointe Apartment community roads and discover the magnificent wooded areas on the Southside along Tidewater Club Boulevard and Tidewater Marsh Drive. At the south end near the S Tidewater Lakes Creek road are found the resort style swimming pool and the clubhouse. 

From Edenfield Road, you can enter the gated Sundance Pointe Apartment community at Tidewater Marsh Drive. You’ll find the Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse along S Tidewater Lakes Creek near the pool. 

The well-landscaped grass-carpeted front yard of each apartment complex is adorned by Florida Palm trees and other tree species that could excite your senses. Pockets of wooded areas found near the Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse on the west and south sides of the Sundance Pointe Apartment site reflect a strong environment-friendly community. 

The body of water at the center of the community balances the entire ecology of Sundance Pointe Apartment. The Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse is marvelous in its design with a well-lighted spacious interior of high ceilings, pendant lighting, prominent columns, carpeted floors and wide space lounging areas where you can relax and meet other residents. 

The Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse with its modern but warm and homely appearance exudes an aura of togetherness. Inside, it has a number of separate lounging sofas and tables in embellished with a sleek fireplace, large abstract art paintings and a super large high definition television at the center.

A series of pendant lamps adorn the beige wall and ceiling of the Sundance Pointe Apartment Clubhouse as a continuum of the brown-painted wood encased glass windows. A maple round table surrounded by four sleek gray sofa chairs near the corner of the glass windows also contrasts beautifully with the faux wood floor, the white door near side by side with a main sofa set.

The Sundance Pointe Apartment clubhouse is part of the overall design characterized by a well calculated spaciousness marked by high ceilings, a well-fit wall-to-floor dimensions and a balanced interior environment based on proper lighting matched with light wall colors, and an attractive wood floor finish.

Sundance Pointe Apartment is one of the many beautiful apartment communities in Florida. Located in the midst of the spectacular geographic configuration of Jacksonville, it is surrounded by three interstate highways, and the meandering surrounding bodies of water of St. John’s River on the west and Dame’s Point Turn on the east near the ten islands between St. John’s River and Mill Cove. 

Come and visit the Sundance Pointe Apartment and see the difference. We can provide you a tour of the community at 5681 Edenfield Road Jacksonville, FL 32277. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For directions you can call us at (904) 745-5757, or send us a message through our website .